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Complex web sites for small and medium-sized businesses

When you need something more than a pretty online showcase for your organisation, but can't afford your own web development team, then talk to us.

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Your in-house web development team, without the overheads of hiring full-time staff

Complex Sites

If you need something more than an pretty site to showcase what you do, talk to us. We build complex websites; sites with lots of data, that link to other web services or that automate your business processes.


If you sell your products or service online, then we can help. We integrate great-looking product and service catalogues with robust payment processing, and can automate order processing and fulfilment requests.

Data Management

Got more data than you can handle? Need to know what it's telling you? Want to restructure or migrate your data? Then talk to us. We can help you to analyse, integrate or simply understand your data.

Our Clients

Our clients are typically small to medium-sized businesses, who aren't ready for the overhead of an in-house web development team, but have unique needs that can't be met by off-the-shelf software.

They have a clear understanding of what makes their business successful, and what they need their online presence to do for them.

However, to make it happen they need a technical partner, who is also capable of understanding the key drivers for their business.

They recognise that they're making an investment, and want to work with an organisation that won't disappear as soon as the project is complete, and is as committed as they are to ensuring that their web systems continue to evolve as their business does.

Applying the 80:20 rule

We've been developing complex web sites and services for small business clients since 2006. During that time we've seen the same features being needed time and time again.

To save us time, and our clients money, we've created a purpose-built web system made up of a collection of re-usable modules that deliver the 80% of features we typically find on a sophisticated small business web sites.

This leaves us free concentrate our clients' budgets on the 20% that makes their sites special.

Consistency and Automation

The internet changes rapidly, as do web development techniques. We work hard to keep abreast of the latest thinking, approaches and technologies.

But we're very selective about which we choose to adopt, and then we decide to incorporate one into our development processes, we master it and apply it apply consistently across all our work.

Whenever we can, we automate routine processes. So our clients can be sure that they're paying only for the highly skilled work that makes their site unique.

An overview of our system

Our purpose-built small business web system has been carefully designed to capture what we've learnt by building a wide range of sites for sophisticated small and medium-sized business, without the complications of expensive and difficult to learn "power-user" features.

Each client has their own copy of our small business system with those of our common modules relevant to their business. We install this on a dedicated cloud server built and sized for their needs, to which we add the custom modules that we develop specifically for them. So their data and the features that support their USPs are completely segregated from otehr clients.

As they grow and their web traffic increases, their server can grow with them. When we enhance the system's common parts for other clients, they get those enhancements too.

What our clients get

  • A scalable cloud server, dedicated to their business, and optimised for delivering their web site and online services.
  • The highly-regarded Laravel framework, providing a super-robust software infrastructure.
  • Our integrated suite of modules for features common to, and optimised for, sophisticated small business websites.
  • Additional modules custom-written for them, that deliver the features that make their sites unique.
  • A maintenance service, to ensure that their sites remain healthly and can evolve as their businesses changes and grow.
  • The peace of mind that comes from dealing with professionals who care about their clients' businesses' success.


We're a small team, but with a wide range of skills.


Peter is a full-stack developer whose interests include application architecture, integration of web services and payment gateways, and frontend user experience design and implementation.


Adrienne is our data guru. She enjoys data modelling and reporting as well as implementing database-driven applications. She also likes writing mobile applications and is a wiz at automated testing.


Lucy's interests are graphic and web design, page layout with HTML and CSS and, as the youngest member of our team, social media.


If you'd like to know more about what we do, or have a project that you'd like us to consider, we'd love to hear from you.